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Xeito Framework

Harness the power of the web

Typescript framework for building web applications.


Component based

Build components with ease and compose them together to create complex UIs. Using Tagged Template Literals, you can write HTML and CSS in your Typescript code with syntax highlighting and autocompletion.


Dependency Injection

Xeito provides a built-in dependency injection system that allows you to easily inject dependencies into your components. Share global state across your application with ease.


Simple, yet powerful router

The framework comes with a built-in routing solution that's easy to configure while providing a lot of flexibility. Nested routes, route guards, route params, and more are all supported out of the box.


Reactivity by default

Xeito includes a powerful reactivity system that allows your components to react to changes in the state. Using Xeito Stores, you can create reactive state containers that can be shared across your application.

Released under the MIT License.