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What is a Store?

As we've seen in the State and Props section, Xeito allows you to easily manage the state of your components in a way that your template will react to changes in the state. Nonetheless, there are times when some part of your application state doesn't belong to a single component or inside of one.

For those cases, Xeito provides stores. A store is a simple way to create reactive data that can be shared across your application.

Some examples of when you might want to use a store:

  • Sharing data between a service and a component.
  • Sharing data between components.
  • Keeping track of events that happen in your application.
  • Sharing reactive data between your xeito application and native js modules.

Xeito provides three types of stores: WriteStore, ReadStore and DerivedStore, each one with a different purpose.

We'll see each one of them in the following sections.

Released under the MIT License.